Elisebeth VanderWeil

How can you keep fear from putting your life on pause?

Partner with it.

Apocalyptic Best Practices: A unique approach to fear and change by Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil helps people navigate sudden, massive change, and the fear that is inherent in that process. This book helps you reframe fear as an ally rather than an enemy.


Designed as a conversation with a fellow traveler on the path of discovering how to best navigate sudden, massive change and fear, Apocalyptic Best Practices teaches you tactics for making space that’s safe enough to understand your fear. This is more than a self-help book. You’ll learn how to identify how the world around you weaponizes fear to control you. You’ll get a sense for how to engage with fear and learn how to use it as a compass to follow your power to confident choices.

We need Apocalyptic Best Practices to successfully navigate the massive changes before us – as individuals, organizations, and societies. At the heart of these best practices is fear and our relationship with this most basic emotion. 

Resist the compounding of fears that are having. People who can gain and hone “apocalyptic best practices” are better equipped to navigate gaps, unknowns, and chaos.

Behind the Book


Elisebeth VanderWeil

Elisebeth VanderWeil, PhD, is Principal Consultant for Hand in the Dark Consulting in Seattle, WA, and has focused her love of learning, teaching, and leadership in support of nonprofits, higher education, and Tribes. Dr. VanderWeil graduated from the School of Leadership at Gonzaga University, and has been a "Burner" since her first visit to Black Rock City (aka Burning Man Arts Festival) in 2003.

She has a deep commitment to be of service to her community - reveling in its diversity, evolution, and gaiety. Her interest in apocalypses, begun with her master’s thesis on apocalyptic fiction in the U.S. and through her dissertation on fear and learning, continues in her work and life as mother, consultant, teacher, community member, and author – particularly in unprecedented times.


Margaret "Meps" Schulte

Margaret "Meps" Schulte is an artist and writer whose work carries messages of hope and humor. She is the author and illustrator of Strangers Have the Best Candy, which won the Diagram Prize in 2015, and The Joyful Bear, a book of philosophy co-authored by her teddy bear. Her colorful, large-scale public art can be found at the Burning Man Department of Mutant Vehicles and around Dunedin, Florida. She has had multiple art projects displayed for the public to admire. Learn more about her at 1meps.com or look for 1meps on social media.

When she's not illustrating books and painting, Meps brings her creative talents to nonprofit communications and curriculum development at 3 Choices Creative Communications.


What People Are Saying About "Apocalyptic Best Practices"

“We live in an era of massive social disruption, with a pandemic thrown in for good measure. The pieces of our lives have been tossed in the air as if this were a game of Pick-up Sticks, and we must find our way thru the rubble. What could be more natural than to feel deep fear, and all of the dead-end fight-or-flight responses that come with it? And what could be more helpful than a wise, grounded, and well-written book by a person who has found her way through personal apocalypses? Elisebeth VanderWeil has gifted us with such a book. Her clear, grounded, insightful words, accompanied by evocative illustrations, help us partner with our fear rather than run from it. With guidance like this, we will not only survive our era, but help transform self and world in the process.”

— Parker J. Palmer (author of On the Brink of Everything, Healing the Heart of Democracy, and The Courage to Teach)

A book that will change your perspective on fear and change.

​“Engaging - taking on - your fear can be a guide on a spiritual journey that leads to not just survival, but thrival.“

How did the book come about?

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